Dear Diamond Information Systems (SIS) Users,

2017 was a big year for Diamond Student Information Systems (SIS)! With 10 huge version releases and more than 200 added features and enhancements, keeping the  Career Students and Staff who use our software ahead of the competition with leading-edge technology. We sure kept our programmers busy, making sure our Career Students and Facility have the best education management software systems possible. In the webinar, we saw great interaction with our viewers which made it easier to help you! We had a record number of interactive users with 96 Percent answering our live Poll! We recognized where we could help educate our and gave directions to our viewers where they felt it was needed. Below gives an overview of what we covered in the 30-minute webinar.

In this quick 30-minute webinar, we covered:

  • Where to find the Diamond SIS version release notes within the system
  • Tips and Tricks(setting user permissions)
  • Additions to Program Master (active count)
  • Admissions Updates (delete lead tool, consolidate lead tool)
  • How to set user permissions
  • A few of our favorite items that were added to our Diamond SIS core product in 2017

We take your input very seriously. Many of our enhancements and features are from the minds of the people using the software, generously shared with us to make Diamond SIS work better for all. As a leader in the industry, we take our clients advice and implement it to make the process as seamless as possible. Make sure to check our release notes to keep updated on all of the continuous improvements we make on DimondSIS, DimondMSS, and DimondADM. Also, make sure to tune into our webinars to give us live feedback, and receive support where needed.

We thank everyone who provided their input to make 2017 such a successful year for the software and we are very excited for what we have in store for 2018 for our Career Students and Staff!

– Team Diamond

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