The diamond 2.0 value promise

By Randy Field, Chief Revenue Officer

Value. What does it mean? Dictionaries will tell you that a product’s or service’s cost is used as the common measuring unit for value. Price fits nicely into a product comparison spreadsheet that can be scored to reach a logical buying decision. This type of comparison shopping can be useful when buying a “commodity” product. However, a Student Information System is an “applied technology”. A School’s SIS is applied to the unique business practices required for their student on-campus/online population, career requirements, accreditation, funding and other needs. One-size-does-not-fit-all.

So, how do you determine the value of an applied technology? An alternate way to look at “value” is using “best practices”. The three hallmarks of value can be found in best practices. We all want our products and services to be delivered quicker, better and cheaper – but, what does this mean?

  1. Do you want a one-size-fits-all Internet application?
  2. Do you want a generic SIS that is used by Career, K-12, and public sector universities?
  3. Do you want an “add-on” SIS from a CRM or financial aid service provider?
  4. Do you want the lowest cost?
  5. Or, do you want an SIS that is purpose-built for Career Schools, is built on a foundation of regulatory/accreditation compliance and frees up Administrators to do what they do best: spend more time serving students?

Answer “5” creates the highest value!

Diamond 2.0: Easier to Buy, Easier to Adopt, Easier to Use

After nearly two decades of serving Career Schools, Diamond undertook an 18-month journey to evaluate and develop our next generation SIS before launching Diamond 2.0. We looked at our customer base, listened to our schools and retooled to meet today’s regulatory/accreditation compliance demands. Major enhancements include:

  • Changing our business model from a perpetual enterprise license with annual maintenance/support payments – to – a monthly User-based subscription service with Small, Medium and Large/Multi-Tenant bundled packages.
  • Migration from a Network Operations Center (NOC) to a redundant Data Center.
  • Diamond Cloud WorkSpace (DCWS). A virtual desktop where Users can access multiple campuses and DSIS Add-Ons – plus, open other related applications and third-party software from one screen (a single-pane-of-glass).
  • New products such as DiamondADM (Applications & Document
    Management) DiamondPAY (DSIS integrated credit card processing) and, DiamondMSS (Managed Security Services).
  • An expanded DiamondAPI to make Partner integrations easier.
  • A web-enabled DiamondSIS. Hello, Single Sign-On (SSO). Good-bye RDP and VPN.
  • Each school has its own, dedicated active directory.
  • Multi-generation operating software upgrades.
  • On-board cybersecurity that meets today’s FERPA, GLBA, GDPR, PCI and HIPAA requirements.
  • New reports including Term Earnings.
  • Plus, two-factor authentication allowing Users to reset their own DiamondSIS password (coming soon).

Diamond 2.0 contains the industry’s broadest regulatory and accreditation compliance with the most complete cybersecurity tools packaged in an SIS.

So, how do you measure value?

Diamond’s first school is still a customer after 16 years and has grown to 5 campuses in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Approximately one-half of our new schools in the last 18 months came from schools with a legacy SIS – some had tried multiple SIS providers. Diamond simply provides a better “value” for these schools.

100% of Diamond’s customers are Career Schools and 100% of our Customer Support staff have been administrators or department leads at schools that used Diamond before joining our team. Our Support staff is not limited to helping our Users operate our software – they have real-world experience of the demands school’s staff, students and instructors face.

The Diamond 2.0 Value Promise

Our promise is to work every day toward the goal of delivering the Career School industry’s most comprehensive SIS that is easier to buy, adopt and use! The motto is not a cliché in reference to Diamond 1.0 enhancements – it is in reference to our industry.

A large percentage of Career School’s administrators or department heads, at one time in their career, used Diamond. To those individuals and all others, check out our brief video @ and visit our updated website @ where you can view over 40 webinars that have been presented in the last 18 months.

Welcome to the new Diamond 2.0!


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