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Diamond SIS Provides Unparalleled Products

With more than 75 years of combined educational experience, Diamond has built out a complete student information ecosystem that serves any career school’s needs. Diamond was created on a foundation of regulatory and accreditation compliance. 

We have improved the standard student information system by building an aggregate tool that provides greater bandwidth, automated workflows, and easier ways to connect with students. 

On top of all this, we have partnered with some of the best in the cybersecurity field in order to back up and ensure your school’s data. Continuous improvement is our nature with the goal of providing an SIS that is unparalleled.

The Diamond Promise

Our robust school management is one of the Nation’s longest running career college student information systems. Creating market leading solutions for today’s demanding requirements for career school performance, compliance, and security.

Streamline Application Management

Is the application process is getting in the way? What if you could streamline the process? Diamond ADM is a premier application and document management system for career colleges all over the United States and Puerto Rico. Diamond ADM has provided tools and features to help schools with their student’s application, enrollment, and on-boarding.

Equipped with a custom interface, your application process will be customized for both the school and student. This allows you to stay in contact with the applicants and never and have to input information more than once. We wanted to create a tool that does not require you to completely drown your applicants in follow up requirements, phone calls, and emails. Take control once again and have Diamond ADM work for you

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