Diamond SIS Hosted Suite

Our high-capacity data center is at the heart of Diamond SIS’ Hosted Suite. It is the most reliable way to ensure your SIS is always available and functioning optimally.

Hosted Suite includes:

Domain Controller/Active Directory

  • Security and management of Users is the primary function of a Domain Controller and Active Directory.  The Domain Controller/Active Directory integrates with the SQL Server and the Files server.

SQL Server

  • Database server managed by Diamond SIS IT staff
  • Daily incremental backups and full weekly backups
  • Dedicated server running SQL Server

Diamond SIS Remote Desktop

  • Access Diamond SIS from anywhere
  • Reduces your school’s IT workload
  • Individual server for your school

File Server

  • Central file storage accessible by school’s users.

Web Server

  • Provides access to your Diamond SIS data over the internet.
  • Hosting options of Diamond SIS web portals includes:
    • Student Portal
    • Instructor Portal
    • Executive Dashboard
    • Form Post (Web API for new Leads)

Other Applications

  • Microsoft Word and Excel

Encryption? You got it!

  • SAE16 server farm with AES 256 encryption for upstream data transfer and AES 192 encryption for downstream.

  • 14-day redundant backup

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN SSL packet encryption

Your data deserves to run on the best hosting platform available.

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