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Our robust student management system blends your school’s expertise with our school expertise empowering users to more effectively manage their activities.
We value innovation, integrity, and above all customer service. Our main objective is to assist your career school’s continual growth and health. We have created this platform in order to do so.

  • Entirely cloud based – A desktop for all related applications
  • Any number of devices – Live load balancing
  • Single sign-on (SSO) – No VPN or RDP
  • Hosted Suite – Dedicated Diamond Hosted Suite
  • Access from anywhere – Software updates and maintaince
  • Real-time backups – Near Real-Time backups

Check out our 2018 Diamond SIS showreel video

In addition to continually creating demo content to better explain Diamond SIS to our customers, we took the time to build a video to better explain the use of our SIS to schools that we don’t partner with already.

We believe that displaying our advantages as a software and how we can improve school’s systems in place that will be enough to partner up. We want what’s best for you and can provide that with out product.

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