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Introducing DiamondMSS

Managed Cyber Security Services

For over 15 years, Diamond SIS has provided a secure environment for student information. Advances in technology have created data access “nodes” such as workstations, laptops, mobile devices, scanners and printers that can be open doors for outside access to student and other data.

Recent changes to the U.S. Department of Education mandates are requiring enhanced security, Office of Inspector General, Title IV Regulation 34 C.F.R. § 668.23(a).

Diamond SIS is introducing a new layer of IT security: DiamondMSS (Managed Cyber-Security Services) offering network-wide security.

As an industry leader, especially in compliance matters, DSIS is the first to offer both your SIS and infrastructure security layers. Additionally, these enhancements allow DSIS to offer best-in-class Customer Support, issue resolution and monitoring of the server and nodes for optimized performance with security in mind.

Step One: Threat Assessment.

Threat modeling is the process that improves software and network security by identifying and rating the potential threats and vulnerabilities.

By using the DREAD threat rating system, we can accurately and easily rate each potential threat.


Step Two: A Security Assessment

Utilizing 20 Key areas of adoption for CIS Critical Security Controls covering areas like:

-Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Devices and Software

-Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of Audit Logs.

-Malware Defenses, Secure Configurations for Network Devices, Boundary Defense

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Step Three: Remediation.

Utilizing Vulnerability processes in line with Critical Security Controls to establish:

  • Baselines

  • Policies

  • Discovered Vulnerabilities

  • Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software

  • Continuous Vulnerability assessment and remediation

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