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DiamondADM: The Application for Applications

Increase conversions and empower your organization to drive costs down and enrollments up. DiamondADM focuses on getting your potential students enrolled so you can focus on their education.

Students what to attend your school but the application process is gettin gin the way? What if you could streamline the process? Diamond ADM is a premiere application and document management system for career colleges all over the U.S. Diamond ADM has provided a number of tools and features to help schools with the application, enrollment, and on-boarding of students.

Equipped with a custom interface, your application process will be customized for both the school and student. This allows you to stay in contact with the applicants and never and have to input information more than once. We wanted to create a tool that didn’t require you to completely drown your applicants in follow up requirements, phone calls, and emails. Take control once again and have ADM work for you.

Your admissions representatives can chat in real time with your students as they progress through their application. Support and answers to student questions are only a click away.

Everything your students see is custom built for you. Your administrators have the ability to modify any and all fields on any form. When the need arises, your system is putty in your hands – ready to respond to any new requirements with the touch of a button. No more waiting for programmers.

DiamondADM allows your entire application process to be modified on the fly. Administrators can modify the school’s process – or simply alter a particular student’s application to fit their particular needs.

We know that today’s prospective students are always on their phones. DiamondADM is built with mobility in mind. Our application can be easily viewed no matter the screen size; making it that much easier for your school to connect.


We have taken very careful consideration and processes in the development of ADM in order to ensure the highest quality baseline product. No matter what.


Our engineers are some of the best in the industry. Integrating with your SIS and your proprietary systems is not an option – it’s a necessity.

Always There For You

We stand by you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.

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We employ industry standard cloud-based solutions already in use by companies like Amazon, Adobe, and Netflix.

Industry best

We don’t do downtime. 99.999% uptime is our standard.

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Where are your enrollees falling out of the process? How long is it taking them to convert?

Actionable answers

The DiamondADM platform offers actionable answers to help you continuously streamline your process.

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Diamond ADM is robust platform that catalyzes your online system to ensure the highest enrollment control and document management. Our tool allows you to easily get eSignatures and allows students to upload documents to expedite the application process. Once a student begins to enroll, ADM makes it as simplistic as possible for them to become a student at your institution. We create custom interfaces that help create clarity and ensure accuracy for enrollment.

Available Uptime
Enrollment Completion
Documents Managed

Check out our 2018 Diamond ADM showreel video

In addition to continually creating demo content to better explain Diamond ADM to our customers, we took the time to build a video to better explain the use of our ADM to schools that we don’t partner with already.

We believe that displaying our advantages as a software and how we can improve school’s systems in place that will be enough to partner up. We want what’s best for you and can provide that with out product.

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