One of the frameworks used to help provide analysis and metrics for school growth is the degree to which the school is utilizing systems and processes that are scalable. In other words, if the school is to grow and become say, twice its current size, are the processes and systems in place currently appropriate and efficient for that new size?

It’s sometimes tempting for school owners (or school presidents, school directors, etc.) to assume that such issues will be resolved when the growth comes. The problem with kicking the can down the road is that so many variables that lead to school growth (in terms of enrollment, programs and placements) are wrapped up in the culture of the school as it operates today.

One of the inefficiencies we observe regularly is the time staff members take to provide routine information to students such as past grades, attendance, and tuition credits. Student data can be provided in a secure, updated manner at any time through a student portal.   As we enable students to manage their own information, it creates a culture of empowerment, progress and ownership.

Find out how the Student Portal, an enhancement to the Diamond Student Information System, can move your campus forward and free people up to focus on other tasks.  For information and pricing, call  (559) 897-6444.


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