DiamondSIS Core

Everything Needed to Increase Enrollment

Inbound leads and inquiries are automatically routed from the web to your recruiters.

  • Follow-up activities are Assigned, Tracked and Managed
  • Schedule calls, emails, tours,
  • Daily tasks for each Rep
  • and much more!

Integrates with popular Third-Party Lead management systems. See our Partners section for more information!

Simplified On-boarding and Admissions

Regardless of your process, DiamondSIS adapts to your needs; removing steps and ensuring a seamless transition from prospect to student. The integrated Financial Aid Packaging makes Title IV enrollments a breeze, streamlining everything from ISIR import to the managing of projected funds.

Please refer to the Partners page for a list of recommended Financial Aid Processing companies.

Comprehensive Student Management

From Prospect to Graduate, DiamondSIS streamlines the administration of every stage of the student life-cycle. Easily tailored to your institution’s needs and the unique complexities of Career Colleges, DiamondSIS is optimized to lower your workload and organize your day. Comprehensive Student Management:

  • Track and manage Academics, Attendance, and Grades
  • Accurate Tracking and management of Drops and Restarts
  • Student Schedules
  • Student Transcripts
  • Track and manage LOA’s and Probation
  • Financial Aid Disbursements and Award Tracking, full FA Management
  • All student Accounting and Billing
  • Student notes, issues, warnings, etc.
  • Internships, Externships
  • Job Placement
  • and much more!

Course, Class, and Lab Scheduler

Organize your Courses and Labs, assign credits, hours, weights, and more.

  • Descriptions
  • Scheduler
  • Wait-list Management
  • Credits & Overrides Management
  • Attendance Tracking
    • Streamlines manual tracking
    • Use Bar Codes
    • Use Time Clocks

Financial Aid Packaging and Processing

From ISIR import to Submission, to Need Calculation, to Tracking, to Award, and every step In between, DiamondSIS is the perfect solution for your Financial Aid Packaging and Processing. Our tools streamline and accelerate the funding and payment process and ensure you don’t miss important deadlines or documentation.

We also keep your students informed and up to date on their latest FA developments. 1098t’s are delivered electronically, further saving your staff time and effort. (Of course, you can still print them if you wish! We just promote doing things paperlessly to do our part with protecting the environment!)

Be sure to check out our Partners page for integrations with Third-Party Financial Aid Processors!

Complete Accounting and Ledgers

Diamond SIS provides bookkeeping features that make it easy to manage Tuition, Disbursements, Payments, Earnings & Accruals, and much more. Even better, you don’t need to be an accountant to use it!

All ledgers and payments, Cash, FA, Credit, Debit and ACH are simple to manage and audit. DiamondSIS also exports your accounting data to QuickBooks, Peachtree, and other popular accounting programs for maximum compatibility.

User Permissions Management

Advanced, yet easy-to-use. Access can be controlled by management to ensure that private information remains secure. Even Menus and Reports are hidden from users without the appropriate permissions. DiamondSIS assists with all levels of data security and FERPA compliance, keeping student data safe and private.

Advanced Reporting

Reports are available throughout the system to provide insight and information at every stage.

Above and beyond insight into everyday operations, DiamondSIS provides advanced tools to help you manage reporting and filings for Accreditation agencies, the Department of Ed, and State agencies.

  • NSLDS reporting
  • Gainful Employment reports
  • 1098T
  • State reports
  • Custom reports also available

Jobs and Placement Management

With DiamondSIS, your students will clearly understand that you go above and beyond when helping them secure a career. Placing your Graduates is critical to your Career College success, and DiamondSIS provides powerful tools you need to increase your placements.

Powerful tools for making new connections with businesses and nurturing your current relationships, are built into DiamondSIS. You’re able to easily match students to externships, internships and your graduates to careers. You’ll track every detail along the way.

DiamondSIS also organizes post-graduation information, including in-field and out-of-field placements, so that you can accurately manage Gainful Employment reporting.

Default Management and Tracking

DiamondSIS includes proactive tools that help you do everything possible to avert and prevent students from going into default, before the problem occurs. But should it happen, we provide powerful tools to help you track and collect student loan defaults.

Interfaces with Third-Party Solutions

DiamondSIS provides everything you need to successfully manage every stage of the career college administrative process, and we’re very proud of that.

However, we also recognize that there are MANY specialists who have developed products and services specifically optimized for various tasks within this long cycle. To this end, we’ve chosen to provide interfaces that integrate these tools with DiamondSIS.

This means you can rely on DiamondSIS to manage the entire process, yet use specialized software and services at key stages.

Please refer to Partners for more information!

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