Welcome to Diamond 2.0 

A compliance, security, and regulation solution for student information systems in career colleges, technical schools, and trade schools all over the U.S.. 

Diamond Cloud Workspace

Welcome to Diamond-as-a-service (DaaS) a web-enabled, ubiquitous student information system

Diamond Ecosystem

All of your tools you need to run your Career College in the Diamond Workspace - 24/7/365

Diamond Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity leader protecting both your student information system and on-perm infrastructure


Applications and Documents have never been easier.

Lower your on-boarding process for new students by converting to a premiere paperless solution for all of your application and document management system in DiamondADM. 


Secure your students financial aide data and payments

As a cybersecurity leader, your trade school can lower the risk of double-entry and eliminate extra costs with automated credit card payment brought to you by DiamondPay.



All fully integrated into the Diamond Core

Our systems provide complete end-to-end student account management. Ensuring compliance and security for your trade school, career college, or technical school. 

Receive Your Invitation to Our Diamond 2.0 Webinar

We will send your invitation to our complete Diamond 2.0 Webinar that displays how you can enhance your student information system with extra layers of cybersecurity, compliance, regulation, and new features for student management. 

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