The Successful Admissions Rep


How frustrating it must be to have to bounce between several different software applications to manage leads, manage multi-channel follow ups and eventually prepare documentation on yet another software application. Now, you can have CRM software that is built for college recruiters, that is tightly integrated to Diamond’s document platform that is also built for colleges, with some of the coolest marketing tools you can imagine. Instead of a ‘one size fits all’ that tries to be CRM for real estate and insurance sales, all of our tools are built exclusively for college recruiters for recruiting students.

CRM built especially for colleges and the special needs you have. Just think about how better organized your workday could be. Are you often away from your desk, use our mobile app to stay on top of it all.

Maybe we should have called this SRM—Student Relationship Manager?


Capture more leads and ENROLL more students with DiamondCRM. Since DiamondCRM has been built for colleges, there are many features built-in to help you communicate with your potential students. Use email, SMS marketing and social media to advanced marketing automation and more, all the tools you need to attract and engage your contacts at your fingertips. It’s now easier than ever to get in touch, keep in touch and stay top-of-mind. This is how you enroll more students.

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Mobile Communications and CRM:

Mobile for you, the Admissions rep. Stay connected no matter where you are. CRM Diamond’s mobile app lets you take your CRM and marketing automation on-the-go. Whether you are working from home, at a job fair or recruiting event, use our mobile app to keep everything up to date.

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Track your emails, website visitors, campaigns, signups and more with our real-time tracking and analytics. Find out where your top conversions are coming from and compare total pageviews, time on pages, conversion values, and more all in a single, easy-to-understand view. All of the metrics you want to track are stored right in your CRM.

Marketing Automation: Attract, Engage, Enroll

Marketing automation helps you setup processes allowing you to be more efficient. With our state-of-the-art automation tools, increasing productivity, enrolling more students, and saving time all become possibilities. Discover the many tools you have at your disposal and get started today.

Create Amazing Emails

Make all of your communication and marketing materials stand out with DiamondCRM drag-and-drop EasyBuilder for emails and landing pages. With our platform, you can easily create professional and responsive emails, signup forms, landing pages, websites, and much more. Sit back and watch the leads come in.

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Data Security

Keeping your student data secure is our top priority. At DiamondCRM, we have the security, stability, and disaster recovery plans so you can always feel safe and never have to worry about any internal or external threats. From utilizing maximum encrypted HTTPS for all web connections, to support for two-factor authentication and account owner approval for user data exports, your student data is safeguarded by our experts.