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The disclosure requirements in the GE regulations that were published on October 31, 2014 do not take effect until January 1, 2017. Until then, institutions must continue to comply with the current disclosure requirements by updating their disclosures each year in accordance with 34 CFR 668.6(b), using the Department’s GE Disclosure Template. All other provisions of the GE regulations published on October 31, 2014 will become effective on July 1, 2015.

Diamond SIS Compliance Updates

New! Gainful Employment Electronic Announcement #86 – Upcoming October 1, 2016 GE Reporting Deadline for the 2015-2016 Award Year

Gainful Employment Reporting Guide

New! NSLDS Gainful Employment User Guide (June 2016)

Here are some links to files and websites related to Gainful Employment.

Diamond SIS has prepared the following document for our clients:

Users must request access to NSLDS through

To access NSLDS please visit:

For further information relating to final Gainful Employment regulations we recommend the following links to the Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website*:

US Department of Education FSA Download – Software & Manuals website*:

For further information related to Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP)* please visit:

* Please note: Diamond SIS provides these materials for your reference only and is not responsible for the accuracy of the content therein.

Diamond SIS will automatically name the file for you. Prior to submittal you will need to rename the first tab within the worksheet to ‘upload file’ or it will be rejected by NSLDS.  There are many different versions of Excel, so the exact format your version saves may not be accepted by NSLDS.  Some users have noted that after saving the file using “Compatibility Mode” –> Convert, and saving the file as XLSX, the file upload with no error.  Use this information as a tip or suggestion from the DSIS community.

You can export your submittal files directly from Diamond SIS and upload them to NSLDS as soon as you have thoroughly reviewed your data.

Yes. The Diamond SIS Gainful Employment Reporting Guide is available to all current clients. To request a copy please send an email to

Yes. An LDA is required for a student with a current status of LOA.

The program attendance status date is pulled from the LDA date field.

In the Enrollment Status Master you enter the minimum number of units your institution uses to identify full time, 3/4 time, half time, and less than half time enrollment statuses.

Yes. If the students enrollment crosses award years the student will be reported twice.

No. Institutional debt is defined as the outstanding balance owed to the institution as of the students LDA in a recognized GE program.

Yes. All transfer students should have an LDA entered in their original enrollment record.

To meet current GE reporting requirements you will need version 1.738 of Diamond SIS.

No. You do not have to change the status of a program back to active.

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