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We’ve tried to make this website informative, useful and avoided being too salesy. Diamond Student Information System which is our core product was originally written over 20 years ago for a customer (who we still have as a customer) that needed software to run their career college. Since then we have added hundreds of campuses and done hundreds of upgrades that has kept us up to date with compliance and the needs of a Career College in 2020. The fundamental strategy that we started with, listening closely to what our customer needed, and then building software that worked for them, is still true today. We build software that is guided by your needs. We mix in our experience–many of our associates worked in Career Colleges prior to working for Diamond–and then deliver a steady, stable system that runs all departments: Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Accounting and Placement/Career Services.

Diamond Student Information System is a complete toolkit that you can run your entire school with.

Since I bought the company 5 years ago, we’ve focused on expanding the core to include several accessory items. But the core business is still Diamond SIS, which was created on a foundation of regulatory and accreditation compliance reporting, workflows that match up to your needs, stable easy to software and delivered at a reasonable price. Our goal is to make software tools that make the business of running a college and your life easier. I’m very proud of what the team here at Diamond has accomplished, the loyal customer base we have and what is coming in the next few months.
Jim Queen, Owner/CEO

PS–If work from home or enrolling students remotely is challenging you, we have many ways to help you access your department, your student’s documentation and other useful tools from home or other remote working locations.

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Diamond SIS is easiest to


With our customized three subscriptions plans to choose from.


All training staff came from Diamond Schools for seamless on-boarding.


Users benefit from permission driven access for all schools.

Diamond Student Information System

This is a robust school management software tool that was created especially for the needs of the career college professional. It is one of the Nation’s longest running career college student information systems. Based on a foundation of compliance and regulatory reporting, we create tools that make your life easier. DSIS runs the departments of Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Accounting and Career Services/Placement.

About SIS

Diamond Advanced Documentation Management

Think beyond the docusign. ADM is a powerful, interactive software tool that was built especially for the post secondary education institutions. It allows for remote admissions documentation, as well as useful features for Financial Aid, Registrar and Career Services/Placement. This software is integrated to Diamond SIS and if you use ADM you will see increasing conversions of leads to students.

About ADM

Diamond Cloud Workspace

Diamond Cloud Workspace enables our users to access their essential tools in a cloud based environment that is accessible by any browser and any hardware. Use an Apple laptop and an Apple browser? Run a Chrome book? Microsoft PC? No problem. DCWS allows you access to all your Diamond tools through the internet. Did you say Work From Home? DCWS is the perfect solution for Work From Home.

About DCWS

Diamond Student and Instructor Portals

We’ve accessorized our core Diamond Student Information System, with useful Portals for both Student and Instructor. Click below to learn more about these very useful accessories.

More About Portals

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