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With more than 75 years of combined educational experience, Diamond has built out a complete student information ecosystem that serves any career school’s needs. Diamond was created on a foundation of regulatory and accreditation compliance. We have improved the standard student information system by building an aggregate tool that provides greater bandwidth, automated workflows, and easier ways to connect with students. On top of all this, we have partnered with some of the best in the cybersecurity field in order to back up and ensure your school’s data. Continuous improvement is our nature with the goal of providing an SIS that is unparalleled. 

Diamond SIS is easiest to


With our customized three subscriptions plans to choose from.


All training staff came from Diamond Schools for seamless on-boarding.


Users benefit from permission driven access for all schools.

Diamond Student Information System

Our robust school management is one of the Nation’s longest running career college student information systems. Creating market leading solutions for today’s demanding requirements for career school performance, compliance, and security.

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Diamond Admissions & Document Management

Diamond ADM is a 24/7/365 cloud-based form fill and document management system. A companion platform that is fully integrated with Diamond SIS.Focusing on increasing conversions and driving down costs of enrollment.

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Diamond Security Services

As an industry leader, especially in compliance matters, Diamond MSS is the first to offer both your SIS and infrastructure security layers. Coupled with best in class monitoring of networks for optimized performance, security is always first in mind. 

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Diamond Demonstration Webinars

We provide live and on-demand webinars encompassing student information systems, application and document management, compliance, regulatory, and managed cybersecurity requirements for your career college.

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