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Webinar: Increase Enrollment and Placements SuperUser Account

Webinar: Increasing Enrollment and Placements

Join us on Thursday, Feb 11th or Wednesday, Feb 24 @ 10:00 am CST for a high-level overview of the Diamond Student Information System. We'll discuss and demonstrate how to improve enrollments, track student data and make placement easier. We'll also provide special attention to ABHES Reporting and Accrediting issues.  

Our Admissions front-end optimizes everything from the moment a student finds your website to the day they graduate, and beyond. 

Our Placement features keep you connected with Employers, building active partnerships for your extern/internships and keeping track of your post-graduate placements.  

Learn how to streamline both, and how Diamond SIS manages everything in the middle!   

How do you handle compliance reporting?  NSLDS? Gainful Employment?  Find out why hundreds of campuses in the US depend on Diamond SIS every day to manage and report to accrediting bodies and the DOE.

We typically finish our informational webinars in 30-35 minutes, with time for Q&A.  See you online!


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