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Saving Time & Doing More. Career College Administration Effort-Savers

Saving Time & Doing More. Career College Administration Effort-Savers

Professionally operating your business means continually reviewing your business processes.

Webinar:  "Saving Time & Doing More.  Career College Administration Effort-Savers!"

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Parallels:  Provide Guidance, Engagement and Resources to Increase Enrollment, Retention and Referrals

Parallels: Provide Guidance, Engagement and Resources to Increase Enrollment, Retention and Referrals

This week I launch a 3-part Blog series about Increasing Enrollment, improving Retention through engagement and earning Referrals at Career Schools.  Over the last few years, certain activities and issues in the Proprietary School market dramatically changed the marketplace.  Because of this, recruiting, and then successfully retaining students, has become radically more challenging. 


While some of this can be addressed with technology, and I will certainly point out our options along the way, much of the solution lies in your approach to each student and in changing what you offer and how you communicate.


The Sheer Genius of Great Student Services:

Prospective students have a LOT to consider when looking into Career Schools.  Addressing these concerns, then providing clear solutions, can greatly increase your enrollment.  The better you can connect, serve, and support the student, the more success you’ll have with initial enrollment, increased retention, and VERY IMPORTANTLY ongoing referrals to draw even more students.


In this 3-part Blog series I provide specific ideas on how you might address all these activities.  From Recruiting, to Retention, to Referral.  Of course, not all these ideas will fit your particular school, but hopefully they will spark ideas that will apply to your unique circumstances!


A Very Brief Overview of this Blog Series:

• Demonstrate that your Curriculum is matched with the needs of the industry and is current with industry expectations

• Provide Student Services that assist with practical life issues, as well as academics

            • Provide early intervention: Both academic and financial

• Offer a good mix of programs,

• Provide Exceptional Career Services, and

• Demonstrate great value than your competition


Student Services that Can Increase Recruiting Success and Maintain Enrollment:


Knowing that you provide a support network can be a huge selling point to prospective students, especially to career-switching adults who have been away from school for a number of years.  Recruiters should include your support services and other offerings on your website, in their follow-up correspondence AND in all conversations. 


Do more than just list these as a bullet points, provide REAL WORLD examples: include a video (or two) with a REAL student and share written student testimonials on why your school is an excellent choice.  In an earlier Blog I mentioned that your potential students get their information from the internet – thus they are reasonably well able to discern if what you’re saying is genuine or not.  Don’t just say that you provide the service, provide samples, let them know you REALLY DO, and that you REALLY CARE.


Providing these services throughout the student life-cycle promotes goodwill and engagement – powerful and important factors for improving retention and referrals.


Actual Things To Do that are Effective and Appreciated:


  • Key Offices should be open and staffed whenever students are present, AND, offer early morning/evening hours.
    • Yes, ALL necessary offices: Advising, Career Placement, Student Financial Aid, Bursar
    • If you can’t provide ALL days to have extended hours, do it 1 or 2 days a week.

FIND & CREATE Solutions

  • Provide help finding, subsidizing, or providing adequate day care,
    • Some schools even pay students to do day care on site for other students’ children,
      • Check local and state laws regarding anything to do with day care and children
  • Provide assistance with transportation to school,
    • Provide bus passes and schedules
    • Organize student car pools
    • Provide gas cards to students who agree to assist with transporting others to class
    • Organize Uber or Lyft car pools (Uber-pools)
  • Provide help with reducing conflicts with job schedules
    • Hand students an Employer Copy of their Schedule to PROACTIVELY assist
    • Allow make-up classes if possible whenever work conflicts cause challenges
    • Provide full-time tutoring and academic support
    • Available on days when classes are not held, or
    • During non-class time
  • Assist with locating housing
    • Offer an off-campus housing search feature on your website
    • Provide a list of landlords or properties that previous or current students have rented from
    • Proactively contact nearby apartment properties to negotiate better rates for students – typically the student could be a “safer & more stable” tenant.
    • Provide a list of reputable apartment search websites for students
  • Help with Personal Finance Management 
    • Help applying for health insurance
    • Help locate medical clinics and low-cost medical referrals,
  • Help qualifying for food stamps;
  • Provide Foreclosure assistance and other debt-related issues.

By helping your students overcome the hurdles they face while pursuing their career degree, you build a positive environment.  By demonstrating how they should be proactive in their own lives and exhibiting positive role model behaviors you establish a higher standard of excellence. 


When associated with higher standards that are implemented as a means to assist and support them, people tend to rise to those standards.  And this is the beginning of your “Culture of Achievement”, which just happens to be the topic of my next Hidden Gems Blog!